Hunter Industries Charitable Giving Charter

Hunter Industries


Hunter Industries holds Family and Social Responsibility as core values and has a longstanding history of supporting the local community. Hunter believes charitable giving to organizations is important to the health and well-being of the community and is part of our obligation as good corporate citizens. Hunter Industries meets this responsibility by sharing corporate profits on an annual basis with qualifying organizations.

Qualifying Organizations

We focus our efforts in our local communities of North San Diego County, Clermont, Florida, and Tijuana, MX. We will consider all requests from local nonprofit organizations, with the exception of religious, political, and private organizations and programs. Our priority is to support smaller, local organizations with a measurable impact in our focus areas below.

Focus Areas

Our focus areas are diverse, but the general categories are education, community, water/environment, health and welfare, and arts and culture. Often times these areas intersect one another and we have shaped them into three general categories below.


  • Local educational programs at all levels (ideally around water, sustainability, or environment)
  • Local universities and colleges
  • Irrigation and landscape lighting industry education
  • Enabling arts and culture experiences for local students with limited access
  • Local scholarship funds


  • Serving underprivileged local groups including children, seniors, and minorities
  • Our local community and communities in which our employees live
  • Supporting the volunteer activities of our employees that meet the qualifying organization guidelines above
  • Local organizations where our contributions can have a recognizable impact


  • Support local programs/endeavors that focus on conservation of natural resources, especially water related
  • Support local educational efforts that focus on sustainability and conservation

Hunter does not contribute to social fundraising events such as Galas, Festivals, Dinner Parties or equivalent.

Application Process

Click here to email a proposal to Hunter

All proposals should include the following:

  • The overall mission of the organization
  • The specific mission or need fulfilled by this request 
  • What the impact would be on the population served
  • The amount of funds requested
  • A summary of how the funds would be spent
  • Operating budget for the current year
  • Last two years' tax form 990
  • Contact information
  • When the funds are needed
  • What is your grant cycle; calendar or fiscal? (if fiscal please provide cycle; ie July 1 to June 30, etc.)
  • How did you find out about Hunter Industries Charitable Giving?

Applications are now being accepted until January 29, 2021.

Applications will begin being reviewed in February 2021 and grants will be awarded subsequently.